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Study confirms CBD as a treatment option for heroin addiction

A weaning of heroin is difficult. Moreover, it is a physical and psychological torment that can be dangerous to the body. Therefore, the cold withdrawal without medical supervision can sometimes be risky. Cannabidiol (CBD) has already fueled hopes in the US regarding legal, opioid-based drugs, perhaps overriding the national opioid crisis. In recent years, more and more people have become dependent on prescribed medicines. New research now confirms that CBD has the potential to help heroin addicts too. Cannabidiol and opioid addictionThe study by the Mount Sinai School of Medicine, published in the American Journal of Psychiatry, examined the effect of cannabidiol on people with heroin use disorder. The promising results make CBD a potential component of future heroin-addicted cessation measures. To the same degree, CBD is also suitable for the treatment of people who are dependent on other opioids. In animal experiments one could already achieve success with cannabidiol in Opioidsucht in the past. Therefore, they have now carried out a series of experiments on humans. Since many psychosocial factors can be responsible for dependence, long-term use or even relapses after successful withdrawal in humans, the results of animal experiments are not necessarily transferable. CBD takes addict the fear and the desireIn the course of the new, double-blind study, 42 men and women were dependent on heroin. Participants were given a daily oral CBD solution. After three consecutive days of CBD intake and concomitant heroin abstinence, anxiety and drug cravings were significantly reduced. Randomly, patients received 400 mg or 800 mg CBD solution a day. The placebo group was exempted, they were of course no drug. Subjects were routinely confronted with heroin by showing syringes, rubber bands, or other utensils to remind them of their consumption. Meanwhile, the heart rate and salivary cortisol levels have been measured. Cortisol is considered a stress hormone. In stress situations the body produces this hormone intensified. Compared to the patients in the placebo group, both physiological measurements were reduced in subjects who received CBD. Fight cannabidiol to relapse into addictionThe study author and director of the Mount Sinai Addiction Institute in New York. Yasmin Hurd stresses the urgent need for new treatment options for millions of people who depend on opioids of all kinds. Therefore, she initiated the study to evaluate the potential of a safe cannabinoid for the symptoms of withdrawal in heroin addicts. Here, anxiety disorders and the irrepressible desire for the substance play the biggest role and lead to high relapse rates. CBD promises, Dr. Hurd to become a great value for the future treatment of heroin addiction. Not only does the action alone qualify the cannabinoid for this use, but that CBD is non-toxic and harmless, and moreover has no own addictive potential. Source: GLASMANN, Dieter Klaus. Studie bestätigt CBD als Behandlungsoption für Heroinabhängigkeit., Oct 12, 2019. Dostupné z: https://www.hanf-magazin.com/medizin/cannabinoide/cbd-in-der-medizin/studie-bestaetigt-cbd-als-behandlungsoption-fuer-heroinabhaengigkeit/  source photo: https://pixabay.com/cs/