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CBD, a helper against fear

Stress and anxiety reactions are actually a natural adaptation of the body to extraordinary situations in life. The fear makes attentive in dangerous situations and can help to cope with these. In turn, CBD can help to better manage the anxiety. Although they make sense, fears appear in the form of symptoms that we find uncomfortable. In some cases, such anxiety also occurs in mental disorders and become a chronic condition. Since time immemorial, people have taken very different measures against stress and anxiety. More and more scientific evidence suggests that cannabinoid CBD can alleviate anxiety symptoms. Stress and anxiety over timeSome may now think that when stress and anxiety are useful and natural, why do we perceive them as unpleasant? Why do we treat the symptoms that warn us against dangers? This has something to do with the development of the human species. While earlier our fear responses protected us from immediate dangers, today it's not that easy anymore. Our fears are more complex today. They mostly refer to things that are not happening in our present time. We have fears for the future. Or we have general fears of dangers that represent an eventuality, but not the actual reality. An example of this is the fear of serious illness, poverty and other existential problems. And some of our fears can also find their cause in (early) childhood imprints and manifest as phobias. It could be said that the human body has not kept pace with our reality of life when it comes to anxiety reactions. In addition, there are also people in whom the fear takes disproportionate proportions. Then it is diagnosed as a mental disorder, or as part of it. The availability of CBD products today can help people deal with social and other anxieties, even without a doctor. How are anxiety symptoms treated?When a doctor or psychologist diagnoses anxiety or anxiety as a mental disorder, psychotherapeutic approaches tend to be appropriate. As a rule, a behavioral therapy is carried out in which it comes to cope with the symptoms. In some cases, depth psychological procedures are used to uncover unconscious mental conflicts. However, there are many people who would not go to the doctor with a fear, on the one hand out of shame, on the other hand, because as a layman, the fear is not associated with illness. For some people, their own fears are not serious enough to want to do something about it. But no matter what anxiety type you are, cannabidiol (CBD) can be a helpful support in stress and anxiety situations. Treat anxiety symptoms with CBDA study by the Federal University of Rio de Janeiro, Brazil, has addressed anxiety disorders and investigated the effects that CBD can have on them. In their experiments with CBD an anxiolytic (anxiolytic) effect was detected. In tests with patients with anxiety disorders, some of whom received CBD, and some who were taking placebo, participants in the CBD group showed a marked reduction in anxiety symptoms, cognitive impairment and feelings of discomfort. There were no such developments in the placebo group. The study looked at patients with social phobias, fears related to how people treat people. For example, many people become nervous when talking to crowds. This is known as stage fright, and it is one of the most common fears that plagues people in our society. That's why only a few go to the doctor. In such situations, CBD relaxes the body and mind, relieving the symptoms of anxiety through its calming action. Other scientific studies have also shown that people with anxiety disorders are increasingly using cannabis without knowing that the cannabinoids help them to reduce anxiety. Source: GLASMANN, Dieter Klaus. CBD, ein Helfer gegen Angst.Mar 15, 2019,. Dostupné z: https://www.hanf-magazin.com/medizin/cannabinoide/cbd-in-der-medizin/cbd-ein-helfer-gegen-angst/ source photo: https://pixabay.com/cs/